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Industry Themes

We are currently focused on developments in the following areas and are particularly interested in companies that embody multiple investment themes.

  • Oil & Gas – new technology leading to enhanced production capability of unconventional oil and natural gas has led to one of the most important breakthroughs of the last decade that continues to drive new technological innovation and the development of new business models
  • Upstream O&G – Catalyst is actively looking to acquire upstream O&G assets for our own account as well as others with a focus on royalty interests. We also participate as capital advisors to and invest in talented management teams focused on E&P across the continental US. In addition, we raise outside capital to support the growth and development of expanding companies.
  • Midstream – Catalyst believes there will continue to be significant value in midstream infrastructure as a result of new shale plays. We will consider working with select partners focused on developing or acquiring midstream O&G assets.
  • Minerals – Catalyst has significant experience in the acquisition and management of private fee mineral interests. We often work as advisors to and invest in companies active in the O&G minerals space.
  • Water Technology – Water has become one of the most important resources of our time and continues to increase in value due to increasing global population, rising industrial demand, and new fresh water supply constraints. Catalyst is interested in water treatment & recycle technologies that address these challenges.
  • 3D Printing –Additive manufacturing techniques have existed for decades but the industry is just now reaching a mainstream audience and finding wider market applications. Catalyst is interested in technologies that make the power of 3D printing more accessible to industry and the general public.
  • Internet technology – Catalyst believes the “Internet of Things” will continue to increase the connectedness of the world and will drive lasting impacts irrespective of industry area. We are interested in partnering with companies utilizing new technologic capabilities to create efficiencies in specific market verticals.
  • Flexible and printed electronics – At the nexus of 3D printing and the Internet of Things are flexible and printed electronics. New methods such as low-heat sintering will eventually allow electronic components and circuitry to be simultaneously 3D printed as part of an object. Sensors and actuators will become cheaper and easier to manufacture, ultimately allowing them to become ubiquitous and accelerating the mass adoption of IoT.
  • Artificial Intelligence – The automation of knowledge powered by enhanced data analytics capabilities is a trend that will continue to disrupt labor markets and increase efficiency across a variety of industries.
  • Education – We think the privatization of education will be one of the most disruptive movements of the next decade. As accelerating technological change drives demand for new skills, the education economy could grow to become one of the largest industries in America. Catalyst is looking for select opportunities to partner with companies that are disrupting traditional education content delivery methods.
  • Big data – the combination of increased processing power, better data acquisition capabilities, and “smarter” machines has led to a massive opportunity to turn huge quantities of data into meaningful intelligence. Catalyst is not interested in “pure play” big data opportunities but instead looks for companies that have a secondary big data offering on top of a primary function unrelated to data analytics.

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