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Scope of Work

  • Capital Raise – Catalyst has experience structuring the private placement of company equity for energy and technology companies at various stages of development. We partner with angel investors, family offices, venture capital firms, and large institutional investors to provide growth-stage debt and equity capital.
  • Corporate Development – Catalyst is a capable management consultant and often collaborates with clients regarding corporate development and capital budgeting on an ongoing basis.
  • Principal Investment – Catalyst can provide immediate funds in the form of convertible debt to clients in need of short term financing. Catalyst may take an early lead investor equity position and seek complimentary equity partners.
  • Strategic Advisors – We routinely make introductions for our clients to influencers and subject matter experts working within the industry themes that we follow. Often these individuals will participate as Board members or in other advisory positions. Catalyst believes in bringing more than money to the table.
  • Company Sale – We have experience across a range of exit scenarios and will assist clients in preparing for and completing a liquidity event, often an exit to a strategic acquirer.
  • International – Catalyst has experience advising companies looking to enter new markets and also representing companies seeking foreign investment. We have a strong international professional network, particularly in Asia, and are capable advisors to companies considering licensing arrangements, direct investment opportunities, or other forms of international expansion. We consider cultural, regulatory, and economic factors in our analysis.

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