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We work with companies that have the potential to make a substantial immediate impact on their industry. Our companies are at various stages of development but all share a common trait, talented entrepreneurs with the vision and ability to make a difference in the world.

Fidelity National Environmental Solutions, LLC is a leading water treatment provider to the energy services sector. Currently, FNES provides water recycling technologies and services to energy companies operating in the oil and natural gas industry with onsite, chemical free solutions that kill bacteria and reduce scaling at high flow rates using Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® Technology. FNES is regularly solving major water recycling and treatment challenges in the field and is continually developing new and innovative Ozonix® solutions for a wide variety of customers and energy applications.
SURGE Accelerator (“SURGE”) is the premier accelerator for entrepreneurs solving energy and water problems using capital efficient technology. Based in Houston, Texas, the “energy capital of the world,” SURGE is focused on building the world’s best ecosystem for the energy industry.
Kraftwurx is an online Platform-as-a-Service for the 3D printing industry connecting designers and consumers of 3D printed products via the Digital Factory™, an online marketplace and global network of distributed 3D printing fulfillment centers.

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